The 5/10/1923 in Via Frejus in Turin, was born the Soc. Anonima Manifattura FABBRICATORINO. The company was founded by two engineers became friends in the early 1900s during their university career and then become co-managers DIATTO of Turin in industrial group, large mechanical and railway construction company in existence since 1835. The company FABBRICATORINO specialized in the production of objects for industrial electrical items, such as: bakelite switches and electrical outlets, radio reception equipment.

The “BAKELITE” material then recently conceived, was rst synthesized in 1907 by the Belgian chemist Leo Baekeland. The success of the new company, as well as derive from intuition to manufacture bakelite products and components, which are increasingly used in industrial production between the years 20s and the years 50s for the insulating properties and resistant they owned, was also the result of the relationship of friendship that the two entrepreneurs had with his brothers Vittorio and Pietro Diatto engineers, owners of the homonymous group.

It is said that the four friends, who share the passion for Automobile Racing, in 1922 met at the Monza circuit during the “Autumn Grand Prix”. It was that day that the two engineers came to the brothers Dash their entrepreneurial project and that, in the euphoria of celebrations for the victory of 3-litre Maserati Al eri to Auto Diatto laid the foundations of an agreement that allowed Factory Turin to become, in the years ahead, among the main suppliers of the Turin Group.

The company’s evolution over the years 30s brought then to experimenting with new materials (like transparency) and new products including sports glasses for pilots and safety for the workshop. Later, in the wake of “PERSOL”, new line of eyewear destined in the future to enhance the reputation of the industry town, began the study and production of sunglasses and eyeglasses.


Today we want to revive the “story” through a new line of glasses for men and women, inspired by high quality standards and style, from the name: FABBRICATORINO.

If last FABBRICATORINO has trod the automotive scene with DASH, today the same bond with Mole Automobiles (Up Design brand within the custom luxury). The innovative character of FABBRICATORINO has always been the key to success. In the years ‘ 30 testing of new materials has led to the introduction of acetate, from which was born the rst eyewear line FABBRICATORINO. Synonymous with high quality ITALIAN CRAFTSMANSHIP FABBRICATORINO glasses are milled from solid slabs of acetate 100% made in Italy, handcrafted by our artisans who, with passion, they take care of all the steps that lead to the birth of the product with a maniacal attention to every single detail. The brand is for all those who do not need to follow trends but want to impose its own unique way of being. Points to the constant pursuit of leading-edge technologies, 360°,

 customer service-oriented. FABBRICATORINO lines seduce a niche of consumers curious and attentive, they’re looking for in a product the beauty and exclusivity combined with the values of innovation and ITALIAN ARTISAN TRADITION.

“Indossare i nostri prodotti è UN’ESPERIENZA UNICA”